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Message To Outer Space… (rent a dog, 2023)

upcoming concerts:
13/06 Konzert Marburg / Cavete 20:30 Uhr
14/06 Konzert Wuppertal / Loch 20 Uhr
16/06 Konzert Jena / Zeiss-Planetarium 20 Uhr
more concerts September – December
Double vinyl / CD


Shannon Barnett – trombone
Hayden Chisholm – saxophone
Philip Zoubek – piano, synthesizer
Christian Lorenzen – e-piano, synthesizer
Sebastian Gramss – double bass
Dominik Mahnig – drums

live effects: Stephan Vester

additional drums: Thomas Sauerborn
additional synths and sound design: Sebastian Gramss
vocals: Shannon Barnett and Hayden Chisholm
prepared disklavier on “See What We’ve Done” by Sebastian Gramss
additional contributions on “Stellar Orbit”, “Perfectly Balanced” and “Inconveniences”:
Valentin Garvie – trumpet
Etienne Nillesen – prepared snare
Nicola L. Hein – guitar

music composed and arranged by Sebastian Gramss with the band members
“Encrypted Message” 1–5 by Sebastian Gramss / Philip Zoubek
text on “The Human Race” by Sebastian Gramss

produced by Sebastian Gramss with Ana Lakčević + UK Rattay
label: rent a dog

recorded in June and July 2022
by Christian Heck and Lukas Lohner @Loft, Cologne (Live and Studio)

additional recordings:
Robert Nacken at Studio Piethopraxis, Cologne
Clemens Orth at Salon de Jazz, Cologne
Jörn Nettingsmeier at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück

mixed by Reinhard Kobialka + Sebastian Gramss @ Topaz Studio, Cologne
mastered by Reinhard Kobialka

artwork: Natalia Manta
graphic design / typography: Sandra Opiela
photos: Philip Lethen

thanks to: Ana Lakčević, Reinhard Kobialka, Natalia Manta, Melanie Rossmann, Thomas Sauerborn, the LOFT with Bennie and Hans Martin, Lukas Lohner, Christian Heck, Stephan Vester, Robert Nacken, Valentin Garvie, Nicola L. Hein, Etienne Nillesen, Christian Ramond, Sandra Opiela, Fabian Ahrends, Wanja Slavin, Clemens Orth, Jörn Nettingsmeier, Stefan von Wylick, Maurice Graf, Benno Glüsenkamp, Philip Lethen, Jeroen Van Vleit, Mal Webb

special thanks to all the sponsors:
Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft NRW,
Kunstiftung NRW, Inititative Musik und Musikfond