Bassmasse International




The pocket orchestra Bassmasse 13 combines two of Sebastian Gramss’ recent bass formations to a perfect synthesis: The “big“ Bassmasse with 50 players that astounded the audience at the opening of the international Moers Festival in 2014, and the award winning memorial CD album ´Thinking of…´ , dedicated to Stefano Scodanibbio, with Barre Phillips, Mark Dresser, Barry Guy, Joëlle Léandre and many others.

With Bassmasse International the project further develops towards the international collaboration of bass players and makes it possible to combine and enrich the original music with local influences all over the world.


Rodrigo López Klingenfuss – conductor
Sebastian Gramss
Lelio Gianetto
David Sánchez García
Rubén Fernández Meléndez
Itzam Antonio Cano Espinoza
Víctor Diaz Carillo
Arturo Baez Velázquez
Juan Jose García Jiménez
Ulises Castillo Cano
Alejandro Martinez


Date: 27/05/2017, venue: 20 Years of Curva Minore – Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo. This was a 3rd edition of Bassmasse Sicily. The previous two took place in January 2015 at the Goethe-Institut Palermo and on 28/08/2015 at Arcosoli Jazz – Valle dei Templi, Agrigento.

Barre Phillips contrabbasso (France)
Mark Dresser contrabbasso (USA)
David Sánchez contrabbasso (Mexico)
Michele Anelli contrabbasso (Torino)
Lelio Giannetto contrabbasso (Palermo)
Giuseppe Guarrella contrabbasso (Pozzallo)
Giovanni Maier contrabbasso (Trieste)
Sandro Sciarratta contrabbasso (Agrigento)
Francesco Mannarino contrabbasso (Cosenza)
Gianfranco Tedeschi contrabbasso (Rome)
Pier Paolo Alberghini contrabbasso (Catania)
Gabrio Bevilacqua contrabbasso (Palermo)
Vinicius Ciccone Cajado contrabbasso (Brazil / Austria)
Federico Gueci Garbo contrabbasso (Palermo)
Rosario Tomarchio contrabbasso (Giarre)
Giuseppe Zammuto contrabbasso (Favara)
Marco Matz Mazzola contrabbasso (Palermo)
Mario Vigilante contrabbasso (Palermo)


The moving process concert took place as a part of a longer Double the Double Bass Japan tour of Sebastian Gramss and Tetsu Saitoh.

Tetsu Saitoh – double bass, composition
Sebastian Gramss – double bass, composition
Takashi Seo – double bass
Masao Tajima – double bass
Kazuhiro Tanabe – double bass
Hiroaki Mizutani – double bass
Keigo Iwami – double bass
Todd Nicholson – double bass
Tyler Eton – double bass
Shozaki Takashi – dancer
Ai Takahashi – dancer