S p a c e s

S P A C E S Wallumrød / Nillesen / Gramss

Christian Wallumrod – piano, synth
Etienne Nillesen – Prepared Snare
Sebastian Gramss – Space Bass

The new trio with Norwegian pianist Christian Wallumrød (ECM) and the two exceptional musicians from Cologne, Etienne Nillesen (NL) and Sebastian Gramss.


Head cinema: The term is made for Christian Wallumrød’s music. Many associate her with landscapes and pictures. But the pianist from Norway understands this to mean simply organized sound – which includes silence. This music is fed by a wide range of influences – jazz, folk, new music, musique concrète, electronica – which constantly seep into spontaneous improvisation. The freedom of personal expression and the greatest possible intellectual openness and flexibility of the 3 musicians are the foundation for their common sound…“(Deutschlandfunk)