December ’20
SLOWFOX tour in Germany – new album coming up
November ’20
STATES OF PLAY with a new tentett line up tour Germany
September ’20
South Korea – Jeonju International Sori Festival
October ’20
Japan Tour with Naoki Kita and guests
September ’20
July ’20
New project in Angola in cooperation with the Goethe Institut
February ’20
Launch of HARD BOILED WONDERLAND – the new social engaged ensemble
November ’19
ARGENTINA tour – The Question is NOW (Goethe Institut)
October ’19
New FOSSILE 3 CD “16 Tracks to Kill Time” (Jazzwerkstatt) is out
Aug/Sept ’19
TRIPLEBASS in Mexico with David Sánchez García and Juan Jose García Jiménez
June ’19
New Live LP (Vinyl): STATES OF PLAY „Live at Moers Festival“ (Limited-Numbered-Edition, Rent A Dog)