April ’21
SLOWFOX new album FREEDOM (rent a dog) coming out on April 16!
April ’21
STATES OF PLAY new album SUBSONIC (rent a dog) coming out on April 16!
October ’20
Japan Tour with Naoki Kita and guests – The tour is unfortunately cancelled due to Corona.
September ’20
South Korea – Jeonju International Sori Festival (online stream)
July ’20
New CD > BASSMASSE – “13/45” (rent a dog)
February ’20
Launch of HARD BOILED WONDERLAND – the new socially engaged ensemble
November ’19
ARGENTINA tour – The Question is NOW (Goethe Institut)
October ’19
New FOSSILE 3 CD “16 Tracks to Kill Time” (Jazzwerkstatt) is out
Aug/Sept ’19
TRIPLEBASS in Mexico with David Sánchez García and Juan Jose García Jiménez
June ’19
New Live LP (Vinyl): STATES OF PLAY „Live at Moers Festival“ (Limited-Numbered-Edition, Rent A Dog)