Hard Boiled Wonderland


Hard Boiled Wonderland


Tamara Lukasheva (Ukraine / D)
Marjana Sadovska (Ukraine / D)
Maximilian Hilbrandt (D)
„Les Saxosythes“ – 8 member choir cond. by R. Lopez-Klingenfuss (D)

Theresia Phillip – Saxophone, Reeds
Lucas Leidinger – Keyboards, Piano
Thomas Sauerborn – Drums
Christian Lorenzen – Keyboards, Analog Electronics
Sebastian Gramss – Double bass, Concept
Rodrigo Lopez-Klingenfuss (ARG) – Guitar

Special Guests:
Sumudi Suaweera (Sri Lanka) – Drums, Percussion
Helen Svoboda (Australia) – Double Bass, Voice


Pressetext (DE)

HARD BOILED WONDERLAND is about reflection and artistic engagement with statements, texts, verbal derailments, abysmal utterances on current social topics – mainly based on original quotes from various sources of public life – and putting them into a poetic / deep music context.

Given the current global and national developments, the contemporary art and music scene must also take a clear position … It cannot be that “we” (musicians and artists of today), in the “wondrous pursuit of high culture and personal artistic expression, perceive current socio-cultural and political situation as belonging to “another world” and watch from our bubble of art in amazement how the coexistence and communication of our society collapses in many ways.